It all started with our happy childhood. We grew up here and still remember the sweetness of real life. It was carefree, a touch mischevous and smelled like fresh bread. Our grandparents' values, hard work and warm smiles stayed with us. Time passed, we grew up, moved to the city, graduated, had careers but there was always something pulling us back to our roots. We decided to reinvent our lives and live here once again giving our kids the chance to play and feel free. Our devotion to family and admiration of nature are the reasons we poured our heart and soul into Marafeltsi Forest Guest House. Preserving its beauty and sharing it with others became the most rewarding endeavor of our lives. With help from family and friends we breathed live into our old house. Awaken from its long and dreamy sleep it offers shelter and comfort once again.

Your Hosts, The Georgievi Family

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